The Personal Touch
Your wedding is a once in a lifetime event that deserves the best. It shouldn’t be boring or cliché. This is a chance for you to share your love story with your friends and family and to celebrate the beginning of a new life together with your loved one.

Every couple is different, which is why I believe in tailor-made weddings. By getting to know you and your personality, I will help you create a fun reception that reflects who you are; an evening you will remember for the rest of your life.
The Atmosphere
I have a passion for what I do, and it shows in my work. I have found that when I get into the music and start having fun, guests seem to follow the lead. This comes natural to me because I love music. The way music and dancing brings people together is facinating to me. Reading the crowd and playing the right song at the right time are important keys to a successful party.
The Investment
Studies have shown that over 80% of guests remember the entertainment more than anything else at a wedding. This is why it's so important to do your research and find a quality DJ who is known for creating fun wedding receptions. It's an investment into the success of your wedding.
My Process
I firmly believe that you should feel comfortable with your decision when hiring a DJ. This is why I prefer meeting with you in person to determine whether or not I am the right fit for your wedding. Assuming we become best friends, the booking process is pretty simple. Click on the button below to see the steps start to finish.
Reception Package
When you hire me for your reception, I will provide everything you need to have a successful party. Whether you need an extra speaker in the lobby for cocktail hour or a few microphones for a special performance with your bridesmaids, I've got you covered.

Ceremony Package
In addition to providing entertainment for your reception, I can also provide a sound system for your ceremony. Whether it's in the same room, down the hall, or outside under the trees, I can supply everything you need to make your ceremony sound great.

What are you waiting for?